5 Things You Might Not Know About Guitar Pedals


There comes a time when playing guitar simply through the amp starts to get a bit boring and a bit limiting. What you need is not a new guitar, nor a new amp, but to start your experiments with pedals. You want some more grit and aggression? Use distortion and overdrive! You need to add … Read more5 Things You Might Not Know About Guitar Pedals

The Different Guitar Pickups Explained

Guitar Pickups

Magnetic pickups have been around since the early 40’s, first commercialized by the engineer Adolph Rickenbacker. Since then, a wide range of guitar pickups have been designed and developed to suit different tone styles and musical genres. In it’s simplest form, guitar pickups are permanent magnets with a coil that pick up mechanical distortions in … Read moreThe Different Guitar Pickups Explained