The Different Guitar Bodies And Shapes

The Different Guitar Bodies And Shapes


Without a doubt, the Stratocaster, is the most recognizable guitar shape in the world. Pioneered by Fender, this shape has become synonymous with electric guitarsl

Most players buy a Stratocaster, when starting out, and it dominates almost every genre of guitar music.

With it’s 3 single coil pickups it shines in clean passages and low amounts of gain.


The Telecaster or short “Tele” was also released by Fender. It features an ashtray bridge and single coil pickup, producing an even thinner sound then the “Strat”.

The classic and timeless look has become iconic and many famous musicians have used it throughout the history of rock.

Super Strat

The Super Strat became a thing during the 90’s. It looks like a Strat at first, but look closer and you will discover the humbucker style pickups that give it a thicker and crunchier tone.

The Super Strat was used by famous musicians such as Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.

Les Paul

The Les Paul came out in 1952 by a designer who goes by the same name. It has a curved, heavy body and features two humbuckers, giving it that distinct thick tone and rock n’ roll vibe.

The warm tone, thick sound and never-ending sustain of the Les Paul was heavily utilized by guitarists such as Slash and Jimmy Page.

Flying V

Looking at a Flying V guitar, you can’t help but think metal. The V-shaped guitar was brought to life in the late 60’s by Gibson and features two humbucker pickups of active type. This model is not easy to play while sitting down and is mostly enjoyed in high-gain high-distortion metal tracks.

Noteworthy owners include Albert King and Lonnie Mack.Explorer

This futuristic masterpiece is yet another creation of house Gibson. These bad boys usually feature a double humbucker setup in active mode and are used heavily in hard rock and heavy metal.

James Hetfield of Metallica is know for his large collection of Explorers which he likes to show of live.

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